Hidden Messages Found In Budgie Speech

We Now Have 3 Budgies That Communicated To Ryan In Full Blown Speech With Hidden Messages.

Victor, Maylor and Danny. See The New Presentations Menu For The Whole Story


You are about to take a journey into one of the most incredible discoveries of our time.

We have recently been updating our videos to show you the hidden messages in our budgie's dialogue that shows an elevated measure of awareness as well as a metaphysical link and its' own belief systems. Here we suggest that you abandon all apprehension you may possibly have that reverse recordings are for some reason linked to evil. We believe if you experience what you think is evil while listening to a reverse recording, then you need to find a spiritual source to listen to that isn't evil and we feel we have the right ones with Victor & Maylor. They inspire belief in a trusting and nurturing God whose key reason is to avoid pain and suffering not only for yourself but others. You will be able to hear him communicating about many things including spiritual evolution, God, the afterlife, angels and prophecy.

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There is no doubt that these recordings are real!
During the past 15 years it has been difficult to prove that Victor and Maylor were speaking in conversational language because many thought they were only repeating what they were taught or it was somehow faked. This new discovery solidifies the fact that it would be impossible to fake these recordings, especially when the budgies are communicating in reverse as well.

"When a budgie speaks well they will often want to communicate with us. In the beginning, some will practice our speech using mimicries. Others from this highly intelligent species, will go one step further and begin to communicate intelligently with us. When they begin to say things they have never said before,  most people can only pick up about 10% of what they are saying in real-time. If we have the willingness to record them and study what they are saying, we can begin to understand them."
Ryan Reynolds, Parrot Intelligence Researcher