In this recording Victor shows how he had a keen understanding of politics and the reasons for wars even before they happened. He had a supernatural connection to the spiritual world that allowed him to access information from the past and into the future. This is an incredible piece of art and literature with values.

If you want to make a search on the internet you can find some of the events he is talking about during it.

Victor says:

Would the future be a case of pity if we can see all of it?
Come see.
This is a gift in Razzy Dazzy (note 1) because kids purchased it?
There'll be lots of tips so don't be sleeping. It could be pretty alarming if it's a pity.
Come see all this bloom today. Watch it.
An excuse came to test the parties.
The future will employ you to worry.
He booked this here mare's nest (note 2) on a first commute during supper. (note: 3)
This sham would carry pictures by design and secrets make cultures and sow what others shall teach.
Only trust will help you fight for valued sown literature.
At first we have shown that I started ideas as a friendly bird in a fuzzy world. (note 4)
The presidents, they have many elections when they chose Bush.
For me '95 brought an infection coming.
The fall of '96, Bill will be back.
This account cannot be offset but this all came next.
It happened, yes.
Didn't you watch TV?
That upset brought redemption to Bill Clinton.
For what he said that night deserved action.
And the cost of that breach some find that there'll be some records.
Some people aren't smart but they act right.
You'll see the act of a pierced duck caught in the radical Bush.
People press on to Bill more and see proof of it.
That's when many budgets stopped.
They took on lots of debt. Please tell them the future was set in the black.
So far, could you tell everybody knew it?
I guess I better tell them the way this happened.
Many debts will live on here because of his actions.
Kindly tell them to believe in Monica.
She loved him.
So what's the matter if people toss a brick and still react and form a lie?
Their actions will make you what is called a blockage for this world.
He knew that his own girl and this world will know.
Do not do it in school!
Win a new respect just because they can build it!
It's a pity. Kiss kiss only.
Help the weak petita with their future.
Pity the pretty blue and bloody from the calumniate.
If Victor has a cut below a knee, take this bird to heaven.
Victor is a bodyless budgie who can fly too.
Once you've cultured me, I love cheese.
Cheese and carrots cure your kids good.
On the last part, they sat and watched TV to count numbers of dead.
It's better he has a good job making talks so macabre.
When something wrong is recorded you must retract it.
When you debut just happily tell the people the truth.
So how come he doesn't that night?
We'll try to learn.
They cast awful nights of fighting lies.
And lots of fire light will change their lives.
Many have liked watching that night.
I felt bad. Ask them, would it seem right where our people are mean just for a vice or for being disapproved?
Did you flunk this alarm? The people can scorn.
Take a look! Who can scorn?
Let them know that this war was stupid and such a pity.
There's a time when something bad gets a passing by.
A lie can cost a lot when you don't scorn.
They chose to pass, but then later who is going to think again?
Don't be caught when the people brag and start talk as a more cultured boy.
They are looking at this war now. They focus when they employed this special bird.
To become victors we must be kind.
When it's part of the mission we show that we are starting to act better.
Later I'd say many will try enduring it.
Wouldn't you like to help your world save a country?
But many obey to like what they test.
Force a movement and talk to your friends.

Note 1: Victor refers to Razzy Dazzy who was the first jazz bank in 1890. It was made up of homeless kids.  It also has a relationship to the Clinton administration where they hosted a jazz concert on the White House lawn in 1993 and Clinton took part as one of the musicians in it.

Note 2: A mare's nest is something that at first seems wonderful but is deceptive.

Note 3: A commute during supper could be a airplane trip to a conference, news briefing or special engagement where they were served supper.

Note 4: Victor talks about a previous video that his talking is a bit fuzzy and people have a hard time understanding him.

Some of the things you may want to search on the internet in reference to this video is when Clinton was elected in his second term, when the Monica Lewinsky

scandal happened, how Clinton denied it in the beginning and how they found out he was not telling the truth. You can also check the reasons for the war during the Clinton administration, it's outcome and what they found out about it afterwards.

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