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This is an interesting part joke, part surreal look from a budgies point of view when they see people eating meat. It's quite remarkable how Victor had a way to add a little humour to even the most frightening things a budgie may think about when they are first held in captivity.

He said:

It's the best deal that the company had.

In this joke we'll fry.

They try and cost food to a penny that can become many.

Cut hers up.

I'm starting to think Betty will believe that she'll fry.

Yes, I might just ask her.

Are you sore?

People frighten you Betty with their meat.

Is your bum red? Yeah.

We won't fry.

If your back came right out Betty, and everybody is eating it, there's something wrong with that.

Better people are free of this and touched much.






How Sensitive Is A Budgie?

Because budgies are extremely intelligent it makes them highly sensitive too. How sensitive would you be if you were held captive by a creature 1000 times your size? They are smart enough to know when we are upset or angry, when we are doubtful of their intelligence and if we really care less about their well being. They experience feelings of love in their relationships and take on life long mates and companions in the wild.

Some of my research has shown that they are even sensitive to our thoughts and have telepathic abilities. Victor told us about them in " The Super-Conscious Bird Video." So we often have to be careful of how we interact with others in the house as they may be picking up on our emotions.

We also know that some budgies are far more sensitive than others and some are overwhelmed by the information they receive. It may just be too much for them to handle so they go into a state of depression like symptoms which seems like they are not happy at all, no matter what we try and do for them.

A budgie is also sensitive to new objects in or around the cage, new surroundings and unfamiliar situations. They do not usually like to be handled unless they initiate playing with you as well. So they are sensitive to our touch and will become afraid of us if we force them to do something before they are ready.