This is an incredible testimony from Victor about a previous life he had with a Russian who succumbed to alcoholism. I totally agree with Victor on this one. I don't mind the odd beer but that Smirnoff can really do a number on you.

He says:

If something crushes love it is serious for this bird.

For many get a lot of pain from what they are serving in our future.

Crushing their fears tell us why and whether they have this thirst thing.

You don't want to know a previous life if our mistakes lasts for life.

The thoughts it might suppress in me, it doesn't.

It's meaningful while you like a friend until one of them will try different bottles of beer and they're bored.

If all I choose is bottles of beer it's immoral and likes evil.

When I was first held by a Russian and was known to talk, I went through some of the best times until the friend succumbed to it.

They were stuping the tomato.

Many in the family wished he'd do something about it.

It's dark and unthinkable what liquor can cause.

So many things in this caustic world will force sickness or death.

But you have rights to get lots of this.

What you're trying is certain to come with a cost later.

With his rounds he talked to me.

Right until he completed the company.

The company make that Smirnoff.

In due time they would lose it.

Don't play with booze please.

You don't know the hand dealt at you.