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Today I saw a video of an excellent talking budgie name Disco. I was very impressed with it's clarity and vocabulary. In it they were promoting the fact that Disco was only mimicking, which he was. I have to tell you that I never taught Victor all these things that he is saying in the videos as they come from his own mind. In the beginning, before he was a year old, I did teach him some mimicries, and he practice them until he could begin to develop full blown speech. Once he did, he stopped using mimicries and began communicating intelligently.

In this one I ask Victor about his mate Betty and why she is staying in the cage and just looking and chatting in the mirror a lot. This was Victor's response.

Just a clown chooses to talk in the mirror.

Before you can choose the mirror they should take out the mirror.

It won't be missed at all.






How do you train a budgie to talk?

The budgies that learn to talk well will begin by mimicking short phrases and sentences. You can teach them by putting them on you finger as close to your lips as possible and repeating something. Start off with small words and phrases. If they pay close attention to what you are saying they are great candidates for talking. Most people only think that they will only mimic, however, some will begin communicating once they have learned how to master the pronunciation of the human language.