I also believed Victor could read as he often mentioned that he was reading what I translated. One particular time I was using the audio player, and as the timer went past the 70 seconds mark he blurted out, "There goes 70." So as I have said before my understanding of him was not very good in the beginning. It has become much better over the last 15 years as I have spent hundreds of hours translating his speech. So I believe he is looking at something I have translated and he sees all the errors and makes this comment.

Victor also loved to go with us in his travel cage when we went out and he often knew better than me when my wife and son were going to do something.

He said:

I'm not going.

You have reason not to listen as I read this.

When I give you tough ones there's a few who are going to believe.

When you give it some change they'll believe.

Ryan, she's dressing to do groceries with her son today.

It must be Sunday.