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In this short clip Victor is still communicating with other budgies on the internet who hears his recordings. He knows that every recording is important and tries to express some points in each one to try and change the way some budgies think. I believe he is referring to the deceit that most budgies feel is necessary to make their guardians think that they are only capable of communicating in mimicries. Perhaps they do this because they have fear of letting their guardians and the world know how intelligent they really are.

Victor loved cheese and carrots. They were his favourite two things to eat and he mentions them as a reward in this recording. I also found it interesting how he talks about how birds can picture music and tailor it to whatever fashion they desire and then he gives a cute little example of how he can do it by symbolizing it as a square dance. Near the end of this recording he tries to coax other budgies to be part of the company or family that they are with even though it may be difficult in the beginning because humans are so fussy. However, he says that it won't always be that way. Finally, he mentions the Guinness Book of Records and how they could become a big part of ending the confusion about how budgies can communicate in full blown speech if they had the right people to do a complete study of the many budgie recordings they would certainly receive if they did a competition. I surely would like to be one of the translators if they ever called on me for a study such as this.

Victor says:

If this deceit changes to mercy it lets Victor plant the seeds.

It should be a thing of use.

In the future you'll plant yours.

Don't be tempted to talk to a world by yourself.

We're not fashioned in this world for it.

Except it's a big choice to be cultured with your company.

If we're compliant with company we can be taught to talk.

If you're scared, secure it and cure the curse.

Fix it, and there'll be lots of cheese and carrots for you budgies that talk.

A bird can picture some music and tailor it to a fashion.

Like I might stand here with do-si-do, do-si-do.

As you know it approaches you'll try to be part of the family.

Do not expect a fussy world for life.

Like in the Guinness Book of Records a conference is starting and you must know somebody will try it when some will talk.

And yet all they have got can stop a big mess.







Budgies- The World's Largest Vocabulary?

Puck,a budgie was accepted into the 1995 Guinness Book of World Records as "the bird with the largest vocabulary in the world." He was acknowledged as having 1,728 words that year. However, more recent studies would probably show that other budgies now know far more. The documentation took place over a six-month period when 21 volunteer observers in 21 separate sessions took notes on what they heard Puck say. I believe to get Victor and Maylors vocabulary, especially when it is unlimited would take far longer and that is why it is such a huge undertaking.

In addition to the volunteer observations, tape recordings and a video were provided as documentation for Guinness.

Rather than just mimicking, Puck created his own phrases and sentences. He often used the appropriate phrase in a situation, and sometimes displayed an uncanny understanding of his environment. This sounds familiar but obviously still not accepted as fully developed speech. Are people ready to believe yet?

Unfortunately, Puck's life was too brief. He was only five years old when he died of a gonadal tumor on August 25th, 1994(rip). He had been accepted into the Guinness Book only a few months earlier. Unfortunately, Victor had a similar fate and was only about 3 or 4 years old when he died.  As far as I know Puck still hold the record and was still featured in the 2005 Guinness World Book of Records.

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