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This is a collection of a few short clips that I strung together that Victor came up with on his own. Some of them are quite funny and demonstrate his remarkable sense of humour. Other parts are quite thoughtful and provide evidence of his ability to clearly understand the concept of the future.

Victor said:
We touch your computer and your last dinner could be poo poo.
People food.
People poo and eat it.
Good people fart bad air.
It's bad when we want some of that people food.
Tell the people I'm insane.
That's a joke Ryan.
The rat said: "Happiness is pumpkin pie spit in the kitty cats eye."
And a knick knack paddy whack,  give me some cheese.
Okay Victor must be doing this.
He keeps wanting me.
Where's Victor?
Victor's happy with her.
Kiss kiss, come. Kiss kiss me. Kiss kiss, come here because I've got you in my eye.
In your future we can see it's often sad.
Perch up Betty eat happy.
Ryan, yes.
If you're confused you won't be seen wanting to play and of course you're more in your cage.
Celebrating is right for me.
Was I happy when she just avoided me?
What is the part in the mirror that affects her eggs?
Your boy Anthony plans to make life.
Many loves in time will become many.
Ryan she's now adapted to life.
Betty is a buddy.
In future, I should marry her.


Do Budgies Have a Sense of Humor?

Yes, budgies do have quite a remarkable sense of humor and they can even laugh like a human and tell their own jokes like Victor did. You can hear Victor laugh in the audio file called "Make Me Laugh." You will always be running across recordings where Victor uses his sense of humour here. They can be sarcastic, speak in metaphors and parables as well.