Discover The Science of Psittalinguistics

You are about to take a journey into one of the most incredible discoveries of our time.

Psittalinguistics is the study of parakeets speaking in sophisticated conversational language. Many people do not know that budgies are excellent talkers and are known to have the largest vocabulary of all parrots. Prior to the year 2000 almost everyone believed that budgies were only able to mimic speech. However, recent research by R.B. Reynolds using digital/audio recording software challenges this. The studies of his own two talking budgies documented on this website provide significant evidence of parakeets communicating to us in sophisticated conversational language.  

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What is a budgie?

A budgie is the nickname for a budgerigar or a pet parakeet. They originate from Australia and are usually about 6 to 8 inches long from head to tail. They are bred in various colours and budgies are the 3rd most popular pet in the world.

"When a budgie speaks well they will often want to communicate with us. In the beginning some will practice our speech using mimicries. Others from this highly intelligent species, will go one step further and begin to communicate intelligently with us. When they begin to say things they have never said before,  most people can only pick up about 10% of what they are saying in real time. If we have the willingness to record them and study what they are saying, we can begin to understand them."
Ryan Reynolds, Parrot Intelligence Researcher