How To Listen to the Recordings

The first thing you need is a good set of headphones. You should also listen to the recordings with your budgie if you have one. If you do, you will notice most budgies get excited when they listen to Victor talk. Some budgies even get more bonded with their guardians and your chances of having a good talking budgie increase considerably.

I recommend that you start off watching at least one of the videos of where you can see Victor talking. Pay attention to the amount of effort he has to put in each word to pronounce it. For the most part budgies do not move their beak with the words as they talk because they force them out through air sacks in their body. So you should be watching the chest movements of Victor to get the entire impact.

In the beginning most will not be able to follow the captions easily and miss much of what he says the first time over. However, each time you replay it and follow the captions you should hear more. After you play the video once or twice and see how he is talking, you should go to the shorter audio only recordings and listen to them. By doing this it will help you pick up on his accent for the more advanced ones. Use the slide bar on the media player to go over the parts that are too fast or the parts you miss. Then work your way up to the longer recordings and the more advanced videos. Some of the more advanced videos have been slowed and repeated after the normal version has been played. In the slowed down parts he sounds a little creepy but he is easier to follow.

Try not to worry too much about the accuracy in the beginning. It will take many of you an extended period of time to hear all of the things I hear. There is a process that I will try to take you through with the recordings that will help you to learn to understand them more each time you listen.

Some of you will have a knack for it and will learn faster and some of you will not be able to pick up much at all. Those that have trouble understanding accents may have more difficulty then others.

I have often told those who begin listening to the recordings to avoid getting stuck on the parts that you believe do not match with the captions. This is only because it may throw you off in the beginning and you will loose the more clearly captioned context as well.

I would also like to say that this is a highly controversial matter and one that most people have a hard time believing. Most people naturally listen to the majority of people that think that animals cannot be as intelligent as humans and others do not believe because they do not want to. It really is a mind boggling discovery and getting a high degree of support for my findings will be world changing. Once it is accepted as fact, we will have to make some major changes to the way we think about and treat animals. I believe that the confirmation is not far away and look forward to the changes in the future.  

 You can start listening to his shorter audio recordings by clicking here