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Astute Maylor

Each time I rediscover the imagination and intelligence of Maylor in one of his recordings it brings tears to my eyes as he was an incredible soul with a remarkable mind. In this short clip he announces his arrival to a forum that I was a part of. During the process he was answering questions to those who were in the forum and most were only there to give him a hard time and would not believe that he was really communicating to them. So in the end it turned out to be more of a train wreck than anything else for Maylor and I.

Maylor says:

Suddenly, something impossible is about to arrive and you can listen to history.

On this course it's coming to you first.

On a train, astute Maylor is coming and I'm part of this here forum.

More of us will also cross-connect on the internet.

Don't forget, I worked a lot freely checking the trains progress for first we've got to be impressed at what we look at.

Trust us and pray.








Why doesn't the government want us to know how intelligent animals can be.

I could go on and on about all the conspiracies that are happening and we do not know about them. Some we do and we don't care, however, if you really want to know there is a good video on youtube if you do a search called "Thrive". It is about a movement that is happening in the world that is starting to change the way many think.