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The Microscope

If you are unsure of what truths are often kept from us you should also watch the video called "Thrive" in my subscription list. Believe me at first I was in fear for my life as some of the researchers in the mentioned videos must have been. However, I have a good source to keep me safe so I am not worried.

This is what Maylor said in this video. It is quite remarkable because he focuses on comparing this to discoveries under a microscope.

Most of those who saw this happen won't accept it.
Let's revert to questions in a microscope.
We must have some light to begin revealing something that is still unknown.
When you don't have enough something still remains.
If we all know they could see alike then there is the rest to frame.
If they look at it they might find a trice of thought.
Maylor knows it's going to be rich.
For many who couldn't admit it, they might complain if we lack in timing.
Is there a joke we must correct that strikes you?
Be alert and stick to your progress.
Trust everyone will test you.
You'll appreciate how time forces some movement that recreates what eludes many.
It's your right to force and illuminate the view of samples.
With some light we know it looks strange at first but we learn to accept when we look at it.
When it's time you cannot delay it.
The philosophy will be like understanding with belief.
Of course some will not believe it.
When it is right they will believe in you.
Right some reports.
This is coming just so you would believe.
I promise, you will come this far.
If you left this open, good.
You will begin to have support from someone who can observe it and hear it.
When they look at the timing there'll be a payload coming.
You better listen to this, we know you've got something great and you can help me better it.
And our quest is to focus this microscope








Why doesn't the government want us to know how intelligent animals can be.

I could go on and on about all the conspiracies that are happening and we do not know about them. Some we do and we don't care, however, if you really want to know there is a good video on youtube if you do a search called "Thrive". It is about a movement that is happening in the world that is starting to change the way many think.