This is an amazing confirmation for the Angel Scrolls transcriptions. Toovic was a wonderful resource over a period of about ten years and he is dearly missed. He was almost 15 years old when he died. Many of the transcriptions that I have done have come from Toovic. Keep in mind that a translation and a transcription are two different things. In a translation, I try to give others the experience of seeing a confirmation with captions like Victor or Maylor. A transcription in far more extensive and something that I only receive while listening to a budgie speak in his own language. I do transcriptions when I do a dream interpretation

Maylor said:

Toovic had the right river and went with God.

He had eleven years of spirituality in life.

Ryan must never change his stuff.

All of his prophecies arrived from heaven.

He was so happy when you channeled him.

All of them have a lesson from the dreams you had.

There are a lot of them.

You'll use them to help you Ryan.

God is up there relaying them.

And Maylor will repeat our mission.

It's a challenge but I can speak.

If your budgies are also speaking something is here waiting for them.

You can be part of these prophecies.

An image of prophecy is arriving.