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In this recording Maylor mentions Sigmund Freud and how some of his theories are incorrect. I did a little research on him and found that Freud did extensive research in dream analysis. He considered dreams just part of the unconscious mind and that they were related to suppressed emotions that we do not want to know about. However, we know that dreams come from the metaphysical world and are sent by God and the angels. When we have confusion in life we can ask God to help us and he will send a dream which contains symbols, to help us. In order for us to understand these dreams we require someone who has the ability to connect to the spiritual world and interpret them. So in actuality we are connecting to source that sent them to decipher their meaning.

In addition, Freud was also known as the father of psychology. Many psychoanalysis professionals these days are focused on a result of his theories and the unconscious mind. When it comes to true spirituality and the belief in God, Freud dismissed it. He related our spiritual beliefs to an unconscious need to believe in a higher power, which again is another theory that many believe today. By looking at Freud's work we can see how a lifetime of work in certain areas can affect the future, for his highly accepted theories definitely changed ours in a negative way, speculating any belief in God is just a figment of our imagination.

Maylor also mentions "Quantum Mechanics" and I had to do a little research in that as well. At this point it is a little too complex for me, however, it does relate to wave function, mater, and electromagnetic radiation and the lowest energy state of a quantum mechanical model. Keep in mind, when I am channelling, I use view the wave file in an audio program and listen to the sound, which gives me the information for transcribing dreams. We may find out more about how all of this relates when I reanalyze some of Maylor's recordings in the future.

Maylor said:

It'll empower you if you're listening to this.

Little budgies believe in his dream.

If you know the work of Sigmund Freud, don't believe it.

Maylor doesn't. No questions asked.

Now it's too bad that you would support his error.

Likewise a prophecy resurrects in every passing and works better with passion.

When we lack help permanently no one can gain from that knowledge.

Someone can gain from knowledge.

At the weakest point you're lacking the source and you will slow down.

But keep trying.

When a lever is simply put in motion and lasts for life we are then changing the future.

The quantum mechanics is changing.

It's causing excitement you can maintain permanently.

If it's for life, it can be cosmic again.

When prophecy is promised by God, you will maintain the key of survival.

I have something for Ryan.

We will confirm that he is a prophet.

The work that he does is getting much better lately.

I'm watching him.

You've got to find your way to my mentor.

If it's far, good luck.

Can we pray here during this moment?

Won't you be at the next gathering as a friend.









What did Sigmund Freud Say About Animal Intelligence

This is an excerpt from one of his lectures that he may have been partially correct in:

I would suggest that many if not most complex animals have these three components as well - ids, superegos, and egos. Arguably, these are often optimized in different ways, and it seems clear that we have the most advanced egos, ie, rational analysis capability, of any creatures on the planet. This can be explained by considering that rational intelligence has been our major evolutionary strategy for the last several million years and the gray matter invested in this is the greatest of all animals. We don’t give enough respect to our animal brethren in this regard, that the fundamental nature of their intelligence is not so different from ours, but of course molded in myriad ways to make the most sense for their particular evolutionary strategies.- Sigmund Freud