A Lot of Work- Proving Heaven Exists

Until now I have just been working with the audio files of the quantum recordings section. The other day I decided to randomly pick a shorter video of Maylor and use the video and see how easy it would be to reverse it as well. Little did I know that Maylor already knew that I would choose this video to start off with. When I began to translate it he began talking about it right away. Even though this is quite amazing, it does not surprise me because I know that Maylor and Victor knew exactly  when and how I would use each video. If you are wondering how they knew, read on and see the rest of the videos and you will find out.  Below the video you will see the words to what he was saying.


Here are the words to this video:

Part 1
(for) Ryan, attention. No doubt, expect a lot of work
(rev) when you try reversing the video with me here.

Part 2
(for) I will help you to make dialogue as a prophet
 of our God.
(rev) We'll do a lesson of hope that promises a
new religion.

Part 3
(for) It won't be boring
(rev) and you will love it.

Part 4
(for) Everybody will be enriched when they
believe it could work.
(rev) They'll really defend it and believe
 they're real.

Part 5
(for) Showing me with reverse works.
(rev) So, I'm sure it must now be your best

Part 6
(for) reversement to lead this group.
(rev) This is how we will prove it all for you.

Part 7
(for) If you were to check, could we control
all of this?
(rev) I won't let you leave this project
without knowing.

Part 8
(for) Believe it's true. (Then Ryan talks)
(rev) In reverse Ryan says: For me, when
acting old, you use the light." Maylor whispers,
"The one that's in heaven."