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This is quite a remarkable video of Maylor and how he has so much love and compassion for others. This is a result of the personal issues I have with cigarettes. Like anyone, I struggle in life with a few things and smoking and smoking is one of them. I have kicked it for a year or two at a time, but somehow I end up smoking again. In the past 5 years I have cut down considerably from about a pack a day to less than 1/2 a pack a day, but I haven't kicked it totally. That is until I retranslated this one and I went cold turkey as of last night. This video is a definitely an admonishment passed from God and I need to follow His direction given here.

These comments are better when you're not as stupid for life.

There's a chance this comment will now cause you to try.

If I found this source in heaven, then you know I've been there with the angels.

If your lungs have rot, imagine we'll know and tell you about it.

Maylor can warn you.

I also know when and how people get cancer. Please don't.

Maylor knows Ryan should scrap the crap for Kayla.

If you want more life try.

And if you keep on smoking you will die slowly.

Try it for your wife, me and Kayla.

Do not wreck your life.

Maylor he will ignore you.

Change for me or have it your way.

We tell a lie when you look at it right.

No respect.

There shall be a time when something frustrates Ryan.

You've got only one way and that's exactly right.

Ryan will try to clear it tonight.

I have tried a lot and I know you can hear me.

Maylor is hurting for everyone who is struggling with it.







Trying to Quit Again?

Quitting smoking is not easy however trying to quit is not that difficult. Success will usually come after failure so if it takes a few times, don't fret, because eventually you will get it right.