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If this one doesn't convince you that Maylor is communicating and telling us his own thoughts then nothing will. Maylor mentions in the beginning that timing is important and something that people need to witness with his videos. So he wanted to show how the timing of what he says relates to what is happening. I also think Maylor had part of this planned, but something quite remarkable happened that made it all come together perfectly.

Sorry about the large black bar at the bottom on this video as I messed up with the translation the first time and could not find the original video to use, so the text was embedded in the video. The only way I could get rid of it was redo the video and add the black boxes over the old translation.

Lastly, I think it is quite interesting how Maylor starts this off. If you listen carefully you can hear him say "in here" quickly in the first sentence, specifying that it is probably okay to think you are special when you are by yourself or around people you know, but not so appropriate when you don't someone at all.

Maylor said:

We must not in here, think we're that special.

You'll have doubts with that.

Yes, to you we're strangers.

When you are listening I'm really free to admit at last we have a quest.

To spark your interest, timing is needed for this forum.

No sweat.

This parrot learned a lesson.

I made you panic Ryan.

Stay with that. It helps me to have millet. Leave it.

Oh shoot, they'll laugh at me.

Every one of us does this.

So I'm wrong. No one is perfect.

The full impact will have to be watched physically.

Mookie will try to make a request and point.

Do it now!

Brat. Play fair






Why do you think Mookie Would Not Talk?

Mookie was only with Maylor for a few months before this video was taken and although she did talk at times she was never as clear as Maylor. Unfortunately, female budgies are more difficult when it comes to talking than males. Victor's mate Betty was the same way.