If this event happens it could change the future. Come on all you budgies!

Victor said:

Now I can talk because I trust that God has something good.
He called us, to help him.
Don’t forget! You can’t forget!
Watch this film that’s coming.
Okay it starts better.
This part should be said, yeah and make a difference.
I don't think it was to be heard, just sitting there, when they watch TV.
That seat wasn't for this film.
Try and picture something new today and you’re helping me.
If something can be seen, this in turn makes it so.
Like a classroom.
We campaign and we can make a change.
We're making lives better; so Ryan actually needs your support.
Don't you say it's not nice to hear.
Ryan thought that was awful.
A key cause of a report is to have advice.
And not all reports does a good job when they question what he’s done so far.
Yet, once I'm dead he might get it right and try and do it properly in the future.
At first you thought he's not right.
Ryan, he'd have it better if I came to only act here.
What’s now heard in this precious film, he must study and some will be much different.
If their guess is they look at a case of a man who has defeat; if you’d like growth, hear earth call the one who gets to know.
Don’t question how ruff the kitty cat meows, he doesn’t talk good.
People who are scorned by a broken point will know why our quest is still unknown.
Most of you won't get to know.
How can that allow a belief anyway?
That will be something to think about.
You’ll get to believe by listening because we can think about something and develop it if it isn't okay.
Later they discuss parts more deeper.
For there is cause for it in future so they can achieve more than Victor.
What doesn’t work in our culture can cost a lot until it’s actually done.
For them it's consequential that they can trust in their future as we talk constant.
And some who are coming are causing discontent.
But every step we’ve had yet abides with trusting someone.
If you got a cause to worry, keep it.
We will make it.
Will they tell them their suffering is going to get better?
When it’s a part of very different future; deciding that some exists is a future.
It caused Victor to talk because they may concede that talking might count someday.
Why in this culture do we choose to talk?
When something will get you a tall big seat with God, we’ll wait by the sun, on our way to heaven.
Pay your debt with its christening.
A lot of people depend yeah on that suns existence.
Of course you’re legendary and evolve on a course of a very difficult category.
It’s a quest in his decoding the time.
They’ll find this interlink is sitting here.
History can keep track with our special help.
We have in us is a part of the possible.
God has chosen this bird person in this world to begin.
It’s because all that we adore is stored to caption a bible for proper use.
God is good to people and this world.
All things He has conceived, yet His goal is to talk to you.
Now we can connect you.
Praise those birds who took a mission.
Consummated, their talk shall take a piece of Me.
To understand how birds could talk first they had to build the mic based on the point point 5 volt.
Just don’t be bored.
Budgies leave a message.
Some will do better forming their voice.
The first few times we'll need to culture some connected to a simple man like Christ was.
That house in Bermuda will be doing it first.
They enlist him just to have him validate.
As of then he'll tell everybody they’ll soon understand.
And he starts to understand when a super conscious smart bird is brought to their house.
It should begin when they’ve listened.
They’ll see this bird is telepathic.
A bird to tell the future is nothing if their future is adaptive.
Every culture who does it will find budgies predict and cares for their future; for it’s part of the fate of a good future.
In the future these birds shall be offered a very special part; if they’re smart.
They choose many good birds.
They choose such a bird that can be captioned.
The future shall spiritually pretty much be known.
Even people have to know all.
The more you adore it; it will care.
Soon this whole earth will know what’s happening with more hurricanes.
We shall give you the actions of weather; that area can be cleared.
Later we provide a preemptive strike patrol.






The Super-Conscious Budgie Explained

A budgies lifespan is usually less than 15 years. The longest I have had one live is 15 years. Their body size and weight is more than 2000 times less than a human. Many smaller animals such as budgies have been gifted with super-conscious abilities that allow them to experience a natural life in a short time frame, which includes finding a mate, having offspring, and learning all the necessities for survival. Science is just beginning to understand some of the extraordinary abilities that some animals possess. The only way we could know for sure is if we could actually communicate with them, so they could tell us.

Just because a budgie has a brain that is more than 1000 times smaller than ours, does not mean they cannot possess an intelligence equal to or even greater than ours. If you think about it, all their organs and physiological structures are just as small and they do what they need to do, so why shouldn’t their brain possess the same functionality. Our brain requires brain waves to move at massive speeds throughout it for memory and other bodily functions. With a smaller animal such as a budgie, their have brain waves travel at the same speed, but have over 1000 times less distance to go, allowing them to receive and process information many times faster than us. That is why many budgies that I have worked with in the past have developed full blown speech before they were one year old and the majority of the time was used for pronunciation of it, rather than understanding it.

One of the questions you may ask is; why then would they not let us know much sooner

that they can speak to us in conversational language? The answer is pretty clear. There are many reasons why it hasn’t happened in the past, such as:

  1. It wasn’t until the late 90’s that we developed the ability to record them digitally and analyze their speech patterns more carefully. Prior to that we would have to have used tape recorders and rewind each part back, and play it over and over again until we could pick it all up. This process was reduced many times once digital audio recording software and equipment became available on the internet for the average person.
  2. As an intelligent species, budgies from the beginning are resentful of being bred in captivity. They have little trust for humans and have no idea what is in store for them when they are taken from the pet stores. Many will only live a short time if they have guardians who do not know how to take care of them. Others will be subjected to a prison-like existence for the rest of their life spent in a cage if they do not have a guardian that allows them out of it.
  3. Many budgies are highly spiritual creatures who are naturally loving towards others; not only to their own species but other forms of life and even their natural enemies. They don’t eat meat and they know humans do. So this is another reason why they do not trust us. If you really look at what we do to other animals, and you think about it, a budgie would really have to move beyond that before it even wants to bond with such a terrifying creature as humans.
  4. Another reason why budgies have not come forward before this is that they know humans have not been ready to accept the fact that they possess such high intelligence and consciousness. They may feel that humans might think they are a threat to their current value system. Many animal species have been totally obliterated and some made extinct for far less.
  5. So why have they come forward now? Victor has said that a change is coming. People are more spiritual now than they have ever been. Some are beginning to believe and understand things about science, space and time that they would never have 20 years ago. We are approaching a time of much atmospheric change that is not only affecting the entire world now, but our future lives. They believe that they can prevent some of the pain and suffering not only for themselves but humanity. They also believe that they will return in the future in another life form and if there is not a survivable world to live in when they do, there will be no future.