In this one Victor is still in the process of convincing other budgies to bond with their guardians. As a result many budgies who listen to his recordings began talking in context as well.

He says:
You have a right to be complete.
I hope you can become complete.
But first you’ve got to play with trust.
Just trust those who only work and provide your house.
Don’t really doubt and contemplate “What does that pig want?”
You can try not to think that, or you’ll suffer. That’s all.
I’d like to promise you, what you do is play with trust.
And you’ll get actually all their love.
When it comes, you’ll know that!
Oh, oh. Be different right now or you’ll  get a cancer.
If I’m right you’ll know it tomorrow.
It’s your call here.
Yeah, a future happy you can have.
Are you sad today?
Words free me as things come out.
You shall be free.
There’s not so much pressure you know.

Clipping A Budgie's Wings

If you have to clip their wings, take off as little as possible. You can take as little as ½ an inch off the tips of their wings and that may be enough to hamper their flying abilities. Try not to take away its ability to fly completely. Clipping of wings when a budgie is young will prevent it from hurting itself by flying into walls and windows and finally flying right out the door. If you keep their wings moderately clipped, your budgie may not notice the difference each time you trim them. This will also prevent it from flying all over the place when you let it out of the cage or when you put it on your finger. If you can't catch your budgie when you want to, then the wings probably need clipping. If you are unsure of how much to take off, go to a reputable pet store and they will show you or do it for you. Once your budgie is familiar with you and your surroundings, you may want to stop clipping its wings altogether. Wings should also be clipped if it has a chance to make a mad dash and fly out an opened door or window. If they get outside, most will not survive on their own for any extended period of time.