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This video was recorded on the 7th of January 2001. When I first began posting Victor's videos, and even now, most people have a hard time believing that Victor was so intelligent. I've even had some issues with people calling him fake on the internet. As you probably know, most doctors and scientists refuse to admit that budgies and parrots can understand what they say. They claim that it is not possible for them to converse intelligently like Victor and that they only mimic speech. Unfortunately this has been a huge hurdle to conquer and Victor used his sense of humour to get attention regarding it whenever possible.
Note: Keep in mind that budgies poop a lot and Victor used this to his advantage and often cracking jokes about it.

He says:
Guess I might breed a culture, like a turd.
Were they supposed to be bosh (nonsense) with your budgie?
Does their doctors say that?
They tend to call me fake here?
He doesn’t really talk here. That's unfair.

How Much Freedom Should You Give Your Budgie?

How much freedom would you give a cat or dog? Well the answer is the same. You give it as much freedom as you can, without exposing it to danger. A budgie loves its cage but it also loves its freedom. Once it is comfortable with the cage and knows where it is, the budgie will usually not wander far from it. Only close the door at night or when you leave it unsupervised. Cover the cage at night with a light blanket or towel to prevent drafts from blowing on it. When you let it roam freely, you must be prepared to clean up the mess afterwards. Don't worry though, of all the birds, it is the easiest to clean up after as most of the mess is closer to their cage. Their droppings are small and they dry up quickly and don't have a noticeable odor. It is important that you leave the cage door open most of the time to gain the trust of your budgie. Each day it will gain more confidence and eventually it will start coming up to you and wanting to be picked up and played with or talked to. Keep in mind that these are my recommendations for a happier budgie. The happier the budgie, the more chance you will have of it bonding with you and talking to you. However, if you have other animals in the house, they are a direct threat to your budgie and it needs to be in a separate room.