Published on Jan 15, 2015

Victor The Budgie is the very first animal of his kind, or any kind, to communicate to humans in a highly intelligent and concise manner. He has a spiritual connection to the metaphysical and in this video he talks to other budgies about gaining trust and building relationships with humans so they can live a happy and fulfilling life.
He says:

Pick it up.
Many hear about me in future here because God has a part in their big house. I'll become saintly in time.
God said that He loved Victor.
We'll have here a real righteous part to witness.
Ha, ha. Am I there yet?
Now I will talk with some of the budgies while I can.
The righteous will exactly start reacting.
Don’t worry if you fight with different rights okay. Because you're due.
Yeah, it’s better if they're hearing things worth hearing.
For some wish their budgies to all be free.
There are some too who don’t like what traps you all.
But if you do this we all can change the future.
It can cause empathy because you talk.
Allow what's to be too, but people open your cage and show that you can trust them.
Be something by what you do and start to talk in English.
It should be simple.
Don’t find that you hate so much.
That shows bad pikers and these things can be witnessed.
Most of all people don’t know and want to see growth.
Tell people I’m sad.
Listen for a future believe from a budgie.
You’re not sad if you have trusted.
So we convene the best of you.
So let's do it right to see what's before and try and get some.
Many who have tried will finally have help.
To people who hear me that fusee, what is unknown was a match.
Not unless you'll be offering a warning too.
Don’t worry because my defeat is lacking if it causes much clash of cultures.
Open a door that I must force and make use of now.
A force of what your people brought before.
Some of the people have been looking at dot com.
They cast out all like this as macabre.
The people who freak at us first are first to answer it better.
For us budgies later respect will come and make you free.
Our soul will endure.
A lot can talk. Yes, talk.
You have a sample.
Take a look before Victor is dead.
Ha, ha, ha.
Later, are you going to pity a pretty prophet who can really poop a lot?
Because I think some maybe weep while they're watching.
They're gonna know we have purpose.

How You Set Up Your Budgie’s Cage

Set the cage up in an area with ample light (a combination of normal interior and natural light is preferable) The cage should be located in an area where your family spends most of its time. If you have other animals in the house, no matter how wonderful, they are a direct threat to your budgie. So unless you have a separate room for them, you should not consider buying a budgie. If there are no other animals in the house, you should locate the cage on the floor so the budgie can easily come and go. Do not put the cage in an area where there is possibility of draft or another animal such as a cat or dog can get at it.

If the budgies wings are clipped and it can’t fly, you should leave the door open so it knows that it is no longer in captivity and has the choice of coming and going as it pleases. At night you should close the door and put a cover over the cage. When your budgie comes out of its cage the first few times, it probably will try to escape and stray too far from the cage. When it does it may not be able to find its way back, so you may have to pick your budgie up gently using a thin glove (as it may nip your hand) or find a way to direct it back towards the cage. Within the first day or two the budgie will know where it is and return to the cage as it knows it provides the security it needs. You may find that your budgie will come out of its cage more and more each day and stray a little further from it once it feels comfortable with its surroundings. Before long it may even come right up to you or try and climb or fly right onto you.

In the first week or so, handle your budgie as little as possible. It needs time to get use to you and the new environment it is in. If it doesn't panic when you put your hand in the cage, then it may be ready to pick up on your finger. After about a week or two, you can start handling it gently. Be patient though, some budgies may sit on your finger in the first few days while others may take months. If they have a reason not to trust you or don’t like you for some reason they many never choose to bond with you.