In this one my mother is visiting us and they are playing Trivial Pursuit.
Victor says:
Kiss, kiss.
Kiss, kiss.
This time she can hear.
Who can win if we cause a conflict?
But she’s got people to kiss her.
I love you.
I love you.
Do you know grama caused and managed to have you and then she taught you stuff while she searches?
That’s a question.
It happens to the best of them so you'll have many gifts.
Trust me. You’ll miss her when cutting you loose is due.
In time, your help is totally valued and thoughts unfold.
What’s nuts of man is mad when they don’t believe.
It’s something these people are afraid of.
How can you consummate?
How do people here get their support in child bearing?
Because what they have is above them supporting life.
Some people here have big hearts and can’t keep their secret from me, as we discuss all our secrets.
For all life God is good and giving.
Yes, so without his full support her job might be hard.
Something else too was started.
To want all people free from the suffering that hurts them.
Some records of Christs’ coming was change for the young and old.
We are starting to talk here.
It is formed like the future can tell you right here.
And it’s like a notary in caption for you.
Ryan, can’t you see God’s calling people for this?
And you can become part of it.
It’s now possible to reach him by the design of computers.
Of course you’ll need His frequency that you can use.
Your future is calling.
You’ll get lots of people who will be a friend.
As you’re hoping it shall come some day.
You’ll be secure.
What you’re seeking is currently here.
With your current support they’ll talk and make some tests.
Coach them.
What happened to the starling that they trusted to have reactions?
I know art, it is no different.
People are free to ask if we cheat.
I’m hoping I’m not cheating, Seymour. (possibly Seymour Papert)
Don’t just go to a company.
Become a company.
You need a big ledger.
The dirty purchase everything.
Don’t assume it’s just a mere point.
Do keep exploring.
Even welcome some of your docs and watch this.
A mix is very valued by mustering talk and understanding.
Many budgies watch while some people ask their questions for a response.
We might not please some people once TV beckons them.
They spoke a lot too, to discuss a fake.
Some of them put a mic to talk in some computer.
They’ll value this and feel that you need help.

How To Play With A Budgie

Happy and well adjusted budgies are very playful. They will ring their bell for attention when they are in the cage, swing on their swing, climb and hang upside down in their cage and put themselves in to many different kinds of funny positions. They will also climb ropes, play hide and seek on your knee and coax you into gently poking at it so it can nip your finger.

So for the most part it can be as playful as kittens or puppies. Once it trusts you and wants to be with you, don't be afraid to gently poke it with your finger or play touch its tail. Be prepared to absorb the playful nip given which is not usually recommended for those who have soft skin. You can also get it a few toys that it can roll around on the floor, especially ones that jingle. One of my budgie's favorite toys was a penny. He picked it up and flipped it around just to hear the sound it made when it hit the floor.