What Fascists Do - The Angel Scrolls Dream Interpretations

This one is a very good quantum recording of Victor communicating in forward and reverse talking about the future and how fascism can affect humanity causing pain and suffering on Earth.


Victor says:

1. Kiss Kiss. If the seeds change (0-4)
(rev) for each season, fix it,   

2. and you'll see its future. (4-7)
(rev) Through this help is saving it.

3. Better seeds should be a thing of use, (7-10)
(rev 1) so you can believe in this mission.

4. Maybe you're here to encourage. (10-13)
(rev) Has Ryan really

5. learned to capture thoughts of our world by himself? Why not? For sure!  (13-23)
(rev) You shall follow the laws in a world that's much more practical. (Ryan said) There will be some.

6. It's real for (23-26)
(rev) since you saw the light, everything is different. Prophecies, you will see. (Ryan spoke in reverse here)

7. So, it's like we chose to be collectors. (26-40)
(rev) It's sure enough convincing. Listen to (message) it

8. with your company. We campaign with company. When company starts to talk  40-45
(rev) Ryan knows, what he finds, you will find and he'll find what you didn't find.

9. The future is carrying a curse. Cure the curse. (45-48.5)
(rev) Three degrees 333.

10. Fix it with philosophies (48.5-52.5)
(rev) we'll see. Let's have a look at this gift

11. of carets. Now you match the syntax. (52.5-55.5) (I always though he was talking about carrots you eat, but he is talking about carets as letters here ie: how many carets are in the word carrot.)
(rev) Prophecy is not being a mystery

12. bird. The future's abused, and you can tell that to a fascist (55.5-58.5)
(rev) who uses a formula that precedes misery on Earth.

13. Like they might stem you with knowing it all. No they don't. They don't.  (58.5-101.2) (stem you means stop you)
(rev) As long as one has love, ones love will reverse your make up.  

14. The fascists shall take a different forum that might (101.2- 103.8)-
(rev) end in death. If some suffer it's a shortfall.  

15. It's picking a fusee world for life. (103.8- 106) (note: fusee means something like a burnt match)
(rev) God is always, God is right. I know the world is afraid.

16. (Ryan talks in forward) (106- 113)
(rev) Oh, now I have lost some of Victor's quotes! (Ryan speaking in reverse again here)