A Fuzzy World -Victor's Quantum Recordings Experiment 1

I have to admit that I really screwed up my first translation of this one and had to redo it. It makes much more sense now. For me I find it much easier to do a dream transcription than a translation because with a transcription I know what I hear and just transpose the words as I write them down. However, the translations are much more complicated because I need to show others how I hear them and that becomes a little more difficult because the interaction with the quantum waves can make it a bit fuzzy at times.  When connecting to it, I not only have to provide the translation but the sound and the visual image  as well. So there is a process with some of the recordings that seem to evolve as I put more effort into them.

Believe it or not, lately I have been experiencing a new phenomena with them too. Often upon reviewing what I have done, I will hear a pulsing sound during certain phrases, which prompts me to go back to them. I believe I am being signaled that they are incorrect translations. So when I went back to this one to put it in the new format I have chosen, (which is 2 samples of the forward and reverse instead of 3) I was hearing the pulsing quite a bit and decided I needed to go over the entire recording again.

One of the reasons I found this one so difficult was because of the word "Fuzzy" in his forward speech.  During the past I have listened to this recording many times, and believed Victor was saying "Fuzzy" because he had a toy with that name. Recently I began to realize that he had difficultly pronouncing the "th" sound and he would often substitute it with "z".  For instance, if you say the words " and fuzzy" really quickly, it can sound like "empathy", if one had an accent. So sorry about that, I still have much to learn when it comes to the translations, so you may find that when I go back to a translation later, I might have to fix it if I hear something different.

Here is the link to the raw audio file. The caption text and timings are below the video.  http://www.theangelscrolls.com/victorsample1.mp3

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This is what I believe Victor is saying in this one;

  1. Love you seek will seem fuzzy. (0-5 sec)

(rev)There is a reason we show love.

  1. A pure image is harder to see(4-12.5 sec note: 1 sec overlap)

(rev) if it's not speaking

  1. with passion. Love is empathy. (12.5-20)

(rev) Love is something you should know in suffering.

  1. Has empathy become your tools? (20-26 sec)

(Rev)So Ryan here's the mission.

  1. To seek what's in the mirror. Come see, come see.(26-33)

(rev)Especially, when our dreams have reason, will we listen.

  1. When I go seeking spiritually (33-42 sec)

(rev) and giving lessons, it's love.

  1. Can you go seek it? The gate is here. (42-50 sec)

(rev) Listen, it isn't a mystery (it's true).

  1. Now with empathy begin and engage your truth here. (50-60 sec)

(rev) My soul is speaking and there's a reason.