70 Lessons In Biological Quantum Communications -

Where Science Meets Spirituality

Similar to Maylor, Victor knew this would be his first full featured quantum video and starts off saying "Visuals are coming." (until now, I was only doing this phase with his audio) It is also quite incredible how these quantum videos interact in both forward and reverse mode. For instance, I have reviewed this video hundreds of times and was sure he was saying "Visitors are coming." However, as soon as I reversed the phrase, I was able to hear the forward phrase clearer and realized he was saying "Visuals are coming" instead. This is similar to the way electrons become entangled.  When they interact with each other, they take on some of the others properties, and spin in the opposite (or reverse) direction. After they become entangled, whatever you do to one of them, no matter how far they are separated, it affects the other equally.

You can see the Non-Quantum Translation and video Here



Victor says:

Part 1
(for) Visuals are coming. Come visit here. Come see all.
(rev) Ryan says: We're hoping this is better. You know he's right. The training is about to evolve with Ryan.

Part 2
(for) If I just repeat one way what he said
(rev) you'd feel that you have no interest in this.

Part 3
(for) We'll just persist on anyway. We're just happy with this.
(rev) Seventy lessons we will have in all, as a true submittal.

Part 4
(for) And the encoding we use is a force of nature
(rev) during the succession. We don't think that

Part 5
(for) anyone has better. There's a procedure achieved and it would be better to merit funding.
(rev) Right now you're hearing Ryan leading on the mission. We serve with him with our best formulas.

Part 6
(for) While God is working, he'll catch it. Anyway, that's our view.
(rev) We must have your help. He's slightly emotional. (Ryan says: I can't do it any more)

Part 7
(for) Yes, I might test the battery here. I joke that I use one. If you laugh in the face of true art
(rev) you're not really seeing the challenge. (When it goes deep) you may not know that it
usually will send you a message.

Part 8
(for) Take a parrot Ryan viewed with the strength of somebody
(rev) who witnessed expressing a new area of streaming. (Ryan: that is for sure)

Part 9
(for) His procedure is awesome. Others connect with universities and we have a linkage with them.
(rev) When you need a policy of truth, we'll make sure that you display the proof.

Part 10
(for) Lots of these audios may be fuzzy in this talking cloud. For you, this isn't talk, and this is nuts.
(rev) The sounds we submit, obviously are real. One must admit it needs a really professional, seasoned witness.

Yeah, it's a break.