The Afterlife - The Angel Scrolls Dream Interpretations

Biological Quantum Communication Recording Called "The Afterlife"

This recording of  Victor many be a bit spooky if you fear the unknown or the spiritual world.  I have been doing this for 15 years and have only had a bad experience once when listening to the recordings or doing the translations or transcriptions. That derived from an evil source and I never did it something like that again.

I called this the afterlife because some of you may be able to experience what seems like the spiritual world talking in parts here.  I am not sure what is happening in because at times it sound like the TV in the background, but then there is a strange sound and numerous voices speaking all at once.

Victor says some incredible things in reverse that confirms to me that reincarnation exists. He talks about coming in different forms of life and one of them might be when he swam in the sea. 

You should be able to hear a majority of this recording. Sometime I find the reverse parts even clearer than the forward speech. There is some interference and it is difficult to hear so you should use headphones.



Victor said:

1.(rev) If we look at love, eventually 4.5-7.2
(for)it can stop a gad practice.

2.(rev) It's the only reason we are seeking it. 7.2-10.5
And it is right once given a voice.

3. (rev)It's strange if you can't listen to a formula 10.5-16.2
that can be different from things you might choose. Just to hear it

4. (rev)is reason for us having a passionate life. 16.2-18.7
 If your reaction is making us passé

5. (rev)they are missing it in a museum. 18.7-22.1
Ryan seeks something and Victor said "Ryan

6. (rev)say nothing," we're still teach you. 22.1-24.7
Good, we're just coaching your toughness.

7.(rev)Do you know all stages of life?  24.7-27.4
What forces change can try the truth.

8. (rev)This history will grant you freedom. 27.4- 30.5
The comment right here. (life doesn't make all this up.") Future seeds  

9.(rev) usually need some rain in reality, 30.5-33.2
if there for your gain. The future will sleep with me

10.(rev) giving dreams of peace. (truth) 33.2-35.7
We'll seek it while it's near. Do you think

11.(rev) if we excite eager energy (we'll have some help?) 35.7-39
Victor is sturdy spiritually. Yes, I've

12. (rev)arrived in many forms of life. 39-42
Victor has started and this call

13.(rev) really helps yourself. It scientifically  42-44.6
engaged us. Especially to Ryan.

14. (rev)We will look through your lives deeper,  44.6- 47
starting a challenge that's for today.

15.(rev) See if this involves you. It might! 47-49.2
Yo, where's your competency

16.(rev) if you are not sure how you have swam in the sea? 49.2- 52
This cannot careen when you're stuck.

17.(rev)Our purpose will be life's food so you will know. 52-55
Can we just prove it? Did you have supper?