Biological Quantum Communications- The Test

This example is quite remarkable because it was done in the first few months after Victor started recording. Even then he was sending me hidden messages that he knew I would pick up on at a later date. You can read the translation below the video.



Victor said:

1. (for) Doe. Test, I used it for a test.
(rev) She loves ya.
Ryan says: She loves me? What?
Really good.
Ryan: Quit making all the noise. It's special.

2. (for) A test that you'll like. Yes, I'll tell you.
(rev) Ryan is excited for fellowship. You need some of them. Get focused.

3. (for) Actually, that's okay, Victor's thinking here.
(rev) Every reverse stream has a heather.
(Definition of heather: a low-growing plant of northern areas that has small leaves and tiny white or purplish-pink flowers)

4. (for) Ryan is not ready just to do this.
(rev) Some signals in here are passing you. Yes, and he loves Onie.

5. (for) My soul passes by. You bekon and see I will be with you.
(rev) When you learn this you'll get high on these expressions.

6. (for) Now you, you need to reverse it. They're analogies you can locate.
(rev) He's gonna know the things you unearth have a new beginning in reality.