This video was made on the 6th of January 2001. It was one of the first full videos that Victor did. Please excuse the quality of the recording and background noise. I had recently bought the camera and had little experience using it. It is a little choppy and for some reason it does not show as well on YouTube as it does on my computer. As a result it is difficult to see Victor talking. As I post other videos here with captions, you will be able to see close up videos of him speaking, so this recording is not the typical example.

In the video Victor talks about people coming to see him talk. He mentions how his beak is facing south and how he is positioned on the perch. Going back to the time of the actual video, he was correct in saying that he was facing south. This video also introduces you to how Victor had a belief in God. Victor demonstrates his amazing sense of humour as well. Keep in mind that I never taught Victor any of what he says and it was all coming from his incredible, and as you will see later, highly intelligent and spiritual mind.

This is what he says:
Visitors are coming.
Come visit here!
Come see all.
I adjust my beak one way, pointing south, but you’ve got to adjust the perches.
Oh in a way I’m just happy with this attending.
If you’ve got an issue with the smarts of Victor, I tell you what, it’s bad air!
As we proceed you will see that it will be better and merit something.
God is looking and He’ll catch it.
In a way, that’s a view.
And some might test the battery here.
I joke that I use one.
Do you laugh in the face of true art?
Take a parrot Ryan viewed to place strength in somebody.
The procedure he taught so others can learn with their first cheese they had in a cage that talked.
Want some cheese?
A joke may be fuzzy in this talking cloud.
For you seen me talk and this is nuts?
Yeah, it’s a breakthrough!