Most scientists believe that animals do not have any concept of time or anything that relates to their knowledge of their own existence. However, this is one that they really need to take a look at as Victor planned and knew what days he played on, what days he spent with his toy Fuzzy and what days he spent with me.

He said:

Buy me seeds with carrots in future.

Victor has news today.

I did not say it wasn't bad if you're running away today.

I like when we can do something.

Was it not a food day when I started talking nice?

Because of a little fact and if there's a good boy to engage, they're believing they chose the best budgie.

You will need to test this by Monday.

So, I'll leave this with you for I'm the smartest on my pleasure day.

Now Fuzzy wanted Tuesday, Monday and Thursday.

I figure it will be Thursday.

That's some test.